"Young Generation" Path

AsinoPOLI: Bio-Ethical summer camp • Learning and enjoying together with our donkey friends and…..not only

EDUCATION Programme: from elementary to secondary school, students are introduced to our donkey teaching us the meaning of kindness, slowness, respect, determination and humbleness

YogASINELLO: our Donkeys assist in Yoga exercises to achieve a better mind and body balance

LIGHT HIKKING at Donkey's pace: looking for animals footsteps and forest scents

"Awareness" Path

YogAsino®: summarized as "Slow, Breathe, Relax". YogaAsino take you to the Essential by supporting body, breath and mind harmony and Learning respect of the environment. This activity is in cooperation with Il Mondo Yoga Studio A.s.d.

HIKKING with Donkeys: looking for his Duchess Maria Luigia d'Austria through Boschi di Carrega Regional Park - relaxing walk along Via Francigena

"Wisdom" Path

AsiNONNI: for elderly friends. The relationship with donkey helps to remember nice time and enyoyable moments.

"Business" Path

DONKEY MEETING: it is a team building activity to help gaining self-confidence, team working and focus to company goals.

"For Everyone" Path

DONKEY ASSISTED THERAPY: customized projects dedicated to people with psychological and/or physical vulnerability. These activities are managed by a team of certified Operators (in accordance with National norms 25/3/2015) together with our friendly animals

CUSTOMIZED EVENTS birthday party, wedding cerimony or anniversary, Christening cerimony, engagement , Holiday and much much more ...Always together with our beautiful donkeys

Our donkey friends will be happy to meet you in their peaceful home at Talignano; subject to agreement, all our activities can also be carried out in other places that must be suitable to guarantee their well-being.

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